Recurring Payments
Schedule regular future cryptocurrency purchases on Eazypayz.

The Recurring Payments service allows you to schedule regular future purchases of Cryptocurrency.
You decide how much to invest each time and how frequently you would like to purchase. By setting up a regular payments functionality, your selected Cryptocurrency will be purchased frequently and at the best price, besides you don't have to pay any additional fee for regular payments! Just link your credit/debit card and let Eazypayz work for you.

How to set up Recurring Payments

If you would like to set up Recurring Payments, please contact [email protected] or speak to one of our team on the phone. We will ask you to provide the following details:

  • • Select a Currency: EUR, GBP, RUB, USD
  • • Select Payment Amount: (Min EUR 1 – Max EUR 10,000)
  • • Select Frequency: Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • • Select Payment Date: 1st – 28th
  • • Select Coin: Bitcoin (BTC) (All coins listed)
  • • State your wallet address

Now you can sit back and relax while regular payments gradually accumulate coins in your chosen Cryptocurrency.


You can cancel Recurring Payments at any time and you will not incur any fees! If we will not be able to charge your card, we won’t purchase or send you any Bitcoin (BTC) or Cryptocurrency.
Only once your payment arrives will we purchase Cryptocurrency and you are exposed to the volatility.
You can cancel or modify your Recurring Payments order at any time by contacting the team at [email protected]